Word Skills part 2


Switch to the Layout tab/menu

Change the Orientation to Landscape

Change the Margins to Narrow

Normally you should set your margins and orientation BEFORE you start a document because things will move around after you make that change. Scroll up through your document and see if anything looks bad now.

My shape moved over into the margin, which doesn’t look good, so I should move it.



For this section, you really want to make sure that you can see the rulers at the top of your page. Usually they’re on automatically, but you can check by going into the View menu/tab

Make sure that Ruler is turned on

There are 3 ways to indent a paragraph. To choose your paragraph to indent, you DO NOT need to highlight just put your cursor in there anywhere

There are 3 different points on the left-hand side of the ruler at the margin. There is a triangle pointing down, a triangle pointing up, and a little rectangle on the bottom.

The most common type of indent is just to move the first line over and leave the rest alone. You can accomplish this by moving the downward-facing triangle or just going to the start of a paragraph and pushing the Tab key. You don’t have to demonstrate that for this assignment.


To indent the entire paragraph, use the rectangle at the bottom and slide it to the right on the ruler.

That will move the entire paragraph over


Again, put your cursor in the paragraph you want to indent

And this time, grab the upward facing triangle. NOTE: the three pieces are VERY close together. I find the Hanging Indent to be the most difficult because you have to precisely position your cursor to grab that pointer.

Click right on that upward triangle and move it over. The downward facing triangle should stay where it is.

This will leave the first line alone and move all other lines over.



To insert a Hyperlink, you’ll need to go on the Internet and find the website that you wish to link to. For the first one, you need to find the St. James Collegiate website

At the top of the screen is the address of the site. Click it and it should turn blue (click and drag across to highlight if not)

COPY that (right click OR Ctrl + C)

Go back to your document. You need to highlight the text that you want to attach the link to.

The easy way to add a link is to press Ctrl + K. You may also go into the Insert tab/menu

and click Link

click in the Address box

and Paste in the address you copied (right click OR Ctrl + V)

Once you press OK, you’ll see that the text  turned blue and has a line under it. If you click on that text, it should take you to the website.

Do the same thing for George Waters and Mister Robson.



There are two ways of doing this, and your preference depends on what you want to do with the word art.

Method 1: highlight the text

On the Home tab in the area where you changed the font & size, you’ll find a blue block letter A. Click that and you can choose one of the pre-made styles or you can play with the different options below

If you use that method, your text is just like any other text, except it’ll be a bit fancier.

Another way of doing this allows you to move the text around like a picture.

To do this, you will want to highlight the block of text and CUT (Ctrl + X) it

Switch to the Insert tab/menu

Over where you made your text box, you’ll find a Word Art button

That’ll give you many of the same options as you saw in method 1. Choose one and it’ll create a text box for you in that style.

Paste your text into that box, and now you can move it around like any other text box or picture, which allows you to do more with it


Go to Google Images and search for a musician or band (or actor or character or whatever) that you really like.

Below the search box, click Tools

To find the best quality images, click on Size and choose Large

Optional: If you chose a cartoon character or animal or logo of some kind, you may wish to find one that has a transparent background. To do this, click on Color and choose Transparent

Once you find an image that you would like to use, click on it and you will see a preview on the right. Right click on that and choose Save Image As (or Save Picture As)

If you’re using Firefox or Chrome, you may be asked where you want to save the file. If you don’t necessarily need it after today, you can go ahead and save it in Downloads. If you want to use it again sometime, you can save it in your Documents folder.


While you’re on the Google Image results, you need to click on the link to visit the site where the picture originates because I want a link to the picture’s source

Underneath the photo on the right, you will see the title of the site where it comes from, and it will be a link that you will click on

Go to that site and copy the address, just like you did when you were adding Hyperlinks before

Moving back to your document, you need to be on the Insert tab/menu and choose Pictures

Go find the photo (probably in Downloads)


And insert it 

If you’ve chosen a large, high quality photo, you may wish to resize it. Click on the photo and you will see little bubbles around it. Grab a corner bubble and bring it in to make it smaller (NOTE: NEVER try to stretch a photo this way!)

Now you need to Insert a Link, just like you did on text earlier

If you hover your cursor over top of the image, you should now see the address of the page in a little box. NOTE: that link/address should NOT say Google anywhere in it. Google just shows you where to get the photo, no photos are actually housed by Google



Now you need to change how that photo sits on your page and what happens to the text near it.

To do that, click on the picture to select it and you should see this little box near the top right corner:

To position text around the photo, choose either Tight (this looks neat with a transparent background, say around a logo or animal) or Square

Now you’ll see the text wrap around the image

You will insert another photo in the background of your page

This time, change the position to be Behind Text

The photo will probably make your text really hard to read, so it’s important to fade it out

When you click on the image, you’ll see the Picture Tools/Format tab/menu

There you will find Color options

Hover your mouse over any of the options and it will show you its name. You want the one that looks really faded (Washout)

Which will make it much easier to read the text on your page

Now on to Step 3!

Tell Mr. Robson what's on your mind!