Keith Haring Pop Art

Keith Haring is remembered for his bright, colourful, fun-looking artwork. It was made up of very clean, simple lines drawing cartoonish figures, which were then surrounded by lots of movement and detail lines. He used a lot of contrasting colours to make his images really pop out.

Here are some famous examples of his work:

A very famous symbol of Haring’s work was this figure, referred to as “The Radiant Baby”

You may use some elements and ideas created by Haring in your work if you wish, but you need to come up with something original. Here are some element ideas:


The video below kind of gives you an idea what I want. We’re not going to do the tracing, cutting, and gluing stuff. We’ll just draw our image and background on one piece of paper. If you want to try to make a 3D image like this one, go right ahead, but you don’t have to.

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