WHMIS Training

The Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System is a Canada-wide system to give employers and workers information about hazardous materials used in the workplace. Since we occasionally have to deal with potentially dangerous materials, you need to demonstrate an understanding of some simple safety rules and procedures.

The first step is to complete a fairly simple online training course. If you do not complete the course, you cannot continue in this class.

In order to HEAR the videos, you need to bring headphones! You can do the course without listening to the audio, but it certainly helps. You can plug in wired headphones or connect to bluetooth headphones like AirPods, etc.

You will eventually have to do a test in class showing that you have learned something from the online training. You may wish to take notes as you go, using this document: DOWNLOAD HERE. If you use this document, you want to DOWNLOAD, then save a copy in OneDrive. If you don’t know how to do that, you may prefer a paper copy, which you can get from your teacher.

You will need a PIN code, which you will get from your teacher. You will only need this PIN one time. Please put the paper in the blue box when you are done.

Go to this website: https://elearning.constructionsafety.ca/student

Put in that PIN. You need to type it in CAREFULLY and EXACTLY. If it doesn’t work for some reason, ask for another one. If that one doesn’t work, you are likely the problem.

Once you put in your PIN, you should be taken to a screen that looks like this:

Please put in your REAL first and last name. I need to give you credit for this. You can use your personal email if you prefer, but I would recommend using your school email.

When you are done, you will be provided with your User ID. TAKE A PHOTO OF IT WITH YOUR PHONE! You need to remember that. You could write it down, but you’d lose that. Take your phone out and take a photo:

That user name has 5 letters from your last name, two letters from your first name, and three numbers. That is what you use to log in next time.

Now, go back to the original website: https://elearning.constructionsafety.ca/student

enter your user name:

You ONLY NEED TO DO THE WHMIS COURSE! If you do the other course, that is up to you, but it isn’t necessary. You absolutely do have to finish the WHMIS one and you will need to be able to pass a test.

Go through the 7 modules. Take notes as you go so you have something to study later.


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