Careers in Electronics

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Careers in Electronics (26 marks)

Part 1:

There are many careers that rely on knowledge of Electronics and Electricity. Today you will do some research and get to know some of the options and areas where this type of knowledge might be applicable.

In a web browser, visit

First, at the top, choose Career Planning, then Career Quizzes:

Take all 3 quizzes to see what jobs you’re most suited for

Even if a career related to Electronics didn’t come up on your list, I want you to spend some time examining some jobs in a field related to Electronics.

In a web browser, visit

Go under Career planning and choose Job profiles

Not all jobs using Electronics knowledge contain the word in the title, so if there’s a specific job related to Electronics that you can think of and want to research, go ahead and type in the name of that job.

If not, type in either “electronic” or “electronics.” In the Location box, you can type in Winnipeg, or if you want to live somewhere else in Canada, go ahead and look at career opportunities there:


Your assignment:

Investigate and research two careers and write a brief description including some or all of the following about each choice. You may have to consult other sources to find all of the information, but the jobbank website will definitely give you a good overview. (13 marks for each selection, for a total of 26 marks)

You should also look at the School to work transition tool:

And go under Trend analysis and look under Occupations:

  • Describe the work duties. (2 marks)
  • What personal qualities should individuals possess to be successful? (2 marks)
  • Is there a process to become certified within the trade/occupation or career? (2 marks)
  • What is the length of education and training? (1 mark)
  • What are the school locations for training? (1 mark)
  • What do the Prospects look like? Will there be a lot of opportunities for someone to explore this job in this area in the future? Are things looking better or worse in the future? (1 mark)
  • What are the best and worst parts of the job? What is most interesting to you or what would you dislike the most? (2 marks)
  • What is the beginning salary? (1 mark)
  • Are there opportunities for advancement? What other jobs and opportunities could you go on to after starting in this job? (1 mark)


Write out your information, with the chosen career/job as the title(s), on loose leaf or in a Word document.

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