Portraiture & Retouching

Capturing and editing portraits are huge parts of the job of most professional and practicing photographers. We’ve looked at a number of tutorials now discussing how best to capture portraits (posing, interacting with subjects, etc.) and how to edit those photographs later on. Now it’s your turn!

Your job is to capture at least 3 good portraits of 3 DIFFERENT PEOPLE. Spend time posing and interacting with the people in your photos. You will have to explain your thoughts/process.

Then spend a good deal of time in Photoshop editing/enhancing your photographs. Use camera raw and adjustment layers to make the colours vibrant or interesting. Use the various techniques you’ve learned about removing blemishes and wrinkles. Remove any “hot” (bright) spots on the photos, and brighten up any unwanted dark areas.

Use your skills to modify the background of the image. Remove items, change the background altogether, or make modifications to make it less distracting so we can focus more on the person in the portrait. Use masks so that you can modify your changes later on.

Add a custom frame around your photo. Choose a technique that doesn’t detract from the portrait, one that’s subtle and makes sense, and adds appeal to the overall image.

You will need to write or present to me a reflection, explaining your choices and techniques for each step (shooting the portrait, fixing it up, adding effects/elements.) This should explain why and how you did what you did, step by step.

You are responsible for 3 portraits, each will be worth a fair bit of your mark for this term, so take your time, do a good job, and ask questions as you go.

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