Major Photoshop Project – Magazine Cover

On the Cover of the Rollin’ Stone…

This is your big moment. Your big break. Your momma’s gonna be so proud. You’ve finally made it to the cover of your favourite magazine! Your job is to design the cover.

While you don’t necessarily have to appear on it, you are going to design the cover of a magazine. You will use all of your knowledge of Photoshop and the C.R.A.P. principles to create a cover that is appealing, interesting, and organized. You will have to explain how/where/why you used those!

You may use any appropriate magazine (sorry boys, no Playboy) and any appropriate content on your cover. You should have fun with this and be creative.

You can model your cover after an actual magazine (People, GQ, Cosmo, Sports Illustrated, or your favourite skateboarding/gaming/computer magazine, etc.) DO NOT COPY AN EXISTING COVER! Your job is to design your own, not just take an existing cover and put your photo on the front!

You will need to use Photoshop tools and techniques you’ve learned in this class. You will have to list/explain which you used.

Create this in Photoshop. Use a file size of 8” x 10.5” and 300 dpi for resolution.


Look at real magazine covers. You can find them online or Mr. Robson has several that you can examine. Look at how things are done on a real magazine, because your job is to make something realistic.

Sketch/plan things out before you start! If you have an idea about your layout, it will be much easier and will save you lots of revision later. Figure out where you can put in those text effects, borders, masks, etc. so that they don’t just look like you slapped them on later.

Think creatively. Have fun with this! It’s ok to use me or other teachers appropriately. Use other students ONLY if they approve! Make as much fun of celebrities and politicians as you want!


USE HIGH QUALITY PICTURES. If you need to search for a photo, use high quality photo sharing sites like the ones listed on my Links page under “Copyright Free Content,” (also listed at the bottom of this post) and take the biggest photos possible. If you absolutely must use Google Images (and there’s almost always a better way – make sure you’re searching for LARGE images and NEVER TAKE A PHOTO FROM THE SEARCH PAGE! EVER!) If you want a picture of yourself or me, USE A CAMERA! I have good cameras. Your computer’s camera is NOT GOOD. PHOTO BOOTH IS A TOY!

TAKE YOUR TIME! A good job cannot be done quickly. Don’t think you’re going to get this done in one day. Take as long as you need to do a good job.

Pay attention to details! Look carefully at your work and ZOOM IN. I will! ASK QUESTIONS! Look up techniques online!


You will need to explain your process, documenting how/where/why you used C.R.A.P. principles and Photoshop tools & techniques. This can be written or presented to me in another way, but it must explain IN DETAIL how you planned this out and executed your design.

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