Package Design/Redesign

For this project, you’ll come up with a new product or take an existing product and design all-new packaging for it. You can use Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign for this one.

Watch this video for a really insightful look at designing a new package for an existing product:

In that example, the designer took a look at the packaging for an existing product and decided that it needed a serious redesign in order to appeal to kids. She took the time to consider what types of colours, images, and lettering styles might appeal to a kid, and incorporated those into a new package. Your job is to do the same thing.

If there’s an existing product or brand that you like and know well, you could design an all-new package for that product or brand. You could also come up with a new product yourself and show me what the package might look like.

TAKE YOUR TIME. Think about all of the elements you incorporate into your design, and consider how they will increase the appeal for the target audience. You will hand in a reflection explaining your thought process behind the elements and design choices you make. Why did you choose those colours, those images, and that font/type style? How do those choices help make a product that would appeal to a specific audience?

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