Of Mice and Men Chapter 4

Answer all of the following questions on a separate page or document IN COMPLETE SENTENCES, using proper spelling, grammar, and sentence construction.

1. In Crooks’ opinion, why does George travel with Lennie?

2. Why do you think Crooks teases Lennie about George not coming back? When/why does Crooks stop teasing Lennie?

3. In what ways are Lennie and Crooks alike?

4. Why does Crooks think that George, Lennie, and Candy will never get their own ranch?

5. What does Curley’s wife think of Curley’s “accident?”

6. Why do you think Crooks changes his mind about joining the others on their ranch?


  1. The chapters near the end of the book are considerably shorter than the first couple of chapters. Why do you think that is? What’s changed about the writing since the beginning?
  2. The mood or tone of the book has changed since the beginning. How do you think the characters felt at the beginning vs. how they might be feeling now? Have your feelings/emotions changed later in the book? Describe how they have (or how someone else’s might.)

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