Mystery Unit: Final Essay

You will write a 5 paragraph essay on a topic associated with our Mystery unit. Each paragraph is expected to be a MINIMUM of 5 sentences, with an overall minimum of 25 sentences. It should be NEATLY written or typed (preferred!). You will be expected to follow the essay format that was explained previously (see your opinion essay and my pizza essay as examples.)

Possible topics:

  • Main/most important characteristics of the mystery genre
  • Famous detectives/stories in the mystery genre
  • Iconic aspects of the Sherlock Holmes character
  • Differences between Sherlock Holmes portrayals (text, tv, movie)
  • Similarities between Sherlock Holmes portrayals (text, tv, movie)
  • Differences between famous detectives (Sherlock Holmes, Monk?, ?)
  • Similarities between famous detectives (Sherlock Holmes, Monk?, ?)
  • Other topics are possible, but should be discussed with & approved by Mr. Robson

Remember to start by coming up with your THESIS sentence FIRST, then your TOPIC sentences (mini-thesis for each body paragraph.) Discuss your topic/thesis/process with Mr. Robson as you go!

EN: Mystery Essay Rubric
4 sentence general introduction /1
Provable thesis: opinion + 3 facts covered in body /1
3 body paragraphs x 5 sentences /1
Each paragraph begins and ends with thesis /1
Paragraphs are focused and help prove the thesis /1
Conclusion starts with thesis, ends off general /1

Make sure you review our previous discussion about how to plan and write an essay and follow that same process here.

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