Of Mice and Men Chapter 2 – First Impressions

In Chapter 2, George and Lennie arrive at the ranch and we meet most of the other main characters. It is important to note what our impressions are of these characters (the impressions Steinbeck is creating) when we first meet them.

For each of the characters listed below, I would like you to explain:

  • Your impressions of him/her (how do you feel about this person? What do you think? Describe him/her physically and his/her personality)
  • Provide details from the book that create these impressions

If you wish, create a 3 column chart and fill in those two topics as columns for each character. These do not necessarily have to be in complete sentences, but they need to be explained well with good supporting details.


  • Candy
  • The Boss
  • Curley
  • Curley’s Wife
  • Slim
  • Carlson

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