Of Mice and Men Chapter 1

Answer all of the following questions on a separate page in complete sentences.

Chapter 1

  1. Why do you think George reacts so strongly (angrily) to Lennie at times? For example, when Lennie tells him many times that he likes ketchup on his beans?
  2. According to George, how are he and Lennie different from other ranch workers?
  3. Explain George’s internal conflict in his feelings towards Lennie? What might cause him to think one way and act another?
  4. Why do you think that the author, John Steinbeck, use strange spellings, such as “awright,” in his characters’ dialogue in the story?

Personal Connections

This novel isn’t so much about the action, more about the characters. An important understanding of the characters is key to your understanding and enjoyment of the novel.

Tell me which character best represents you or someone you know. You (or the person you know) isn’t going to be exactly like either of the characters in the book, but you will surely see parts of yourself (or someone else you know) in these characters. How are you (or how is someone you know) LIKE or DISLIKE one (or both) of the characters in the book? Explain in clear, complete sentences. (/3)

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