Generals Die In Bed Chapter 9: Over the Top

Please answer all of the following questions thoughtfully in complete sentences on loose-leaf. Make reference to the book WITH PAGE NUMBERS as often as possible.

  1. In an earlier chapter, the protagonist was given a large quantity of rum before a raid and here he notes that an invading German smelled of ether. Why do you think the author mentions these minute details? What effect do they have?
  2. Do you agree with what Broadbent did to “help” Renaud? Was it the right thing to do? Would you have done the same thing (or wished that you could?)
  3. Why was Clark shot? (explain not just what happened in the moment, but also what might have been building up to this event.)
  4. What happens between the protagonist and Fry at the end of the chapter? Why does the protagonist react the way that he does? Do you agree with his treatment of Fry?


Entrails – exposed intestines or guts

Cadavers – dead bodies

Accoutrements – military equipment, knives, shovels, etc.

Prostrate – to lie flat on your back

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