Live Job: Canteen Cards

Your friend and mine, Mr. Schmeichel, has asked for help designing some canteen punch cards for an upcoming hockey tournament. Unfortunately, he’s Mr. Schmeichel, so time is limited. He needs these before Christmas. We need to put them together on a sheet, print them out, and cut them apart, so the last day to submit will be Wednesday, Dec. 20.

This is for:

Varsity View Golden Falcon Tournament

Each card should contain an area to punch off:

You need to use THIS LOGO

The setup for one ticket is:

3.5 in by 2 in with a .125 inch bleed

These could be designed in Illustrator or InDesign.



You don’t have a lot of space and there’s a lot of text to include, so don’t add in too much more, but feel free to work a logo in or just use shapes & colours and more interesting fonts to make the card look much more appealing!

Here’s what we came up with last year:

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