Creative Challenge 3: Animated Audio

So the basic challenge (which is a little limited) is to animate a snowman that describes your feelings about December:

Describe Your December
Use the new Animate from Audio tool in Adobe Express to create a video describing what it’s like where you are in the world this December.



Now that you’ve had some time to play with Adobe Express and Generative AI, you can surely come up with something even more fun and creative! It doesn’t even really have to be about December. Write a little piece expressing an opinion or educating viewers about something that you are interested in!

I didn’t have nearly as much time as you do to play around, and I came up with this:

The first step is to figure out what you want your animation to say. I wrote a little script in a Word document. (Keep it school appropriate…!)

The next step is to find a way to convert your words in to audio. I did a quick Google search for “text to audio free.”

I tried a couple of sites that either weren’t really free or didn’t sound very good in the end. I eventually used THIS ONE. I played around a bit until I got it sounding pretty natural. For some reason, I found that when I downloaded the file in the popular .mp3 format, Adobe couldn’t read it, so I used a .wav file instead and it worked much better.

All of this is to say that you’ll have to play around a bit in order to get something that works.

Then you can figure out your character and background. Then upload the audio file. From there, just play around and add elements, animations, text, and whatever else you can think of!


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