Interactive & Dynamic Animation

In order to access these tutorials, you will need a Winnipeg Public Library membership number. If you don’t yet have a Winnipeg Public Library Card, go HERE: Library Membership sign up

You’ll need that card number again, so copy and paste it into a Word document or an email to yourself or whatever! Don’t lose it!

Once you do have a card, sign in HERE: LinkedIn Learning

Then you can click on the links below to view the videos.

This final chapter is the most fun and will allow you to add sound and interactive elements to your animations!

Converting your document

Importing external images

Creating button symbols

Using sound in the Timeline

Providing instance names

Making it interactive


Now that you have the full range of skills, use your knowledge to create an interactive commercial, with sound, for a product or service of your choice. Use your skills to promote a product or service in a fun, interactive way. Import a picture or logo.

You may wish to add some music. My favourite site for free, legal music, is here: Make sure you turn on the button to show Free Music Only.

Or add sound effects. You can browse at Media College or search for whatever you want in the BBC Sound Effects Library

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