Inspiring Artwork

Your first priority is to finish posting your Line Art on your website and answering the three questions. Those questions and some info can be found here.

For today I want you to look at some artwork and tell me what you find most interesting and inspiring about it. Take some time to find something that really speaks to you and really catches your eye.

IMPORTANT NOTE. READ IT. When looking at the work of some artists, you will notice some art that would not be considered school appropriate. It is very important that you proceed with MATURITY and remember to choose artwork that is APPROPRIATE for the classroom. Remember that these are serious works of art and are not to be made fun of and should be viewed as a work of art, not something to giggle and point at. CHOOSE WISELY!

Click here to view works by many famous artists

Choose an artist and a painting or two that you find really interesting and inspiring. You will provide links to the artwork and will explain WHY you chose this artist/art and why it is particularly interesting and inspiring to you.

Here is my example


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