Elements of Art: Line

There are several basic principles that you need to understand and use if you’re going to make great art. We’ll look at several of these this year, but the first is LINE.

Have some scrap paper ready and your favourite pen or pencil or marker! You’ll be drawing a lot of different lines today. Start by practicing and not worrying about drawing anything other than lines. You’re not making art, just practicing lines.

First, before you start drawing different types of lines and understanding their uses, you need to know how best to actually draw a line. The biggest piece of advice is to use your WHOLE ARM, not just your wrist or hand! Check this out:

Now let’s go to Robot Art School! There are a few exercises that you’ll have to complete here, and you should be practicing different lines as you watch.

Exercise at 4:24draw a picture of a person using lines without looking at your paper (Blind Contour)

4:36Draw the person again (you can look this time) using quick, gestural lines. (doesn’t have to be accurate/realistic, just practice the lines)

4:50Draw an outline of your favourite animal. Use cross countour lines to give it a 3D type form.

5:04Draw an abstract composition (doesn’t really look like a real object, just creative and original) using varied overlapping lines. Use crosshatching to fill in all of the sections. Vary your darkness/lightness.

Finish those 4 exercises and hand them in with your name on them! You may wish to take a picture first, because we will add your favourite ones to a website/portfolio post about this lesson on lines.

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