InDesign Yearbook Assignment – Part 1

As mentioned previously, you need to now be designing page layouts for this year’s yearbook. Using the cover that we chose as a guide, design what the pages inside of the book will look like. Try to incorporate similar colours/ideas, although they do not have to precisely match.

You can start (if you wish) by designing a page master (the basic look/layout) in Photoshop, but DO NOT add picture frames in Photoshop (you can’t, really). You can, though, add placeholders and put the frames on top using InDesign. Or you can just do the whole thing using InDesign. Start with the page template that has been provided by Friesens (the makers of our yearbook.) There are a couple of versions, depending on whether you want a single page or a spread, and depending on whether you want to use Photoshop or InDesign for the basic design/layout.

You will need a few different kinds of pages/layouts:

  • Table of Contents
  • Admin messages (each gets roughly 1/2 page to write about the year)
  • Divider pages (starts a new section)
  • Basic photo pages
  • Portrait pages
  • Grad photos (baby pics? Writeup?)

If you want, you can get more specific with different kinds of pages

  • clubs
  • activities
  • teams
  • special events
  • etc.

IMPORTANT: If you’re adding TEXT:
– if the text will CHANGE (e.g.: different headings, titles, names, etc) – DO THIS USING INDESIGN- if the text will stay the same (e.g.: St. James Collegiate, 2014-15, Jimmies, etc.) – this can be done in Photoshop

USE COPYRIGHT FREE OR LICENSED FONTS! The best choice is to use the poster on the wall under the clock! If you don’t have access to one of the fonts on the poster, ASK ME and I will make sure it’s unlocked for you! Some fonts are copyright protected and we can get in trouble or have our pages refused by the printer. CHOOSE WISELY! Make your text CLEARLY LEGIBLE. Some wacky fonts are really hard to read.

This is only PART 1 of the BIGGEST and MOST IMPORTANT assignment/task of the year! Get moving! Take this seriously!

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