Generals Die In Bed Chapter 6: Bombardment

Please answer all of the following questions thoughtfully in complete sentences on loose-leaf or in a Word document placed in your OneDrive folder. Make reference to the book WITH PAGE NUMBERS as often as possible.

  1. Why do the soldiers fight so violently over food at the start of the chapter? Explain what they’re probably thinking/feeling.
  2. Why did the protagonist volunteer for the raid? What was he thinking would come of it?
  3. Explain the irony of the soldiers’ prayers on p.55 when compared to the prayers of the people back home.
  4. Do you think that the protagonist acted bravely during the raid? Cite specific examples from the story to support your answer. (/2)


Paresis – a late stage of syphilis, characterized by progressive dementia and paralysis

To jolly – to tease or kid someone

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