Getting Started with Animate

We will begin to use Adobe Animate to create dynamic animated graphics. You may have used the program a bit before, but it’s important to review the fundamentals even if you think you know how to work the program already.

In order to access these tutorials, you will need a Winnipeg Public Library membership number. If you don’t yet have a Winnipeg Public Library Card, go HERE: Library Membership sign up

You’ll need that card number again, so copy and paste it into a Word document or an email to yourself or whatever! Don’t lose it!

Once you do have a card, sign in HERE: LinkedIn Learning

Then you can click on the links below to view the videos.

You can access the files used in the videos by going HERE

You do not need to hand in any of the files you see or work on in these videos, but it will be obvious very soon if you haven’t watched them! Take the time to learn how to use the program properly and the assignments will be MUCH EASIER!

Lesson 1: Choosing a document type

Lesson 2: Modifying document settings

Lesson 3: Saving your Animate document 

Lesson 4: Managing Animate preferences 

Lesson 5: Working with assets

Lesson 6: Managing Timeline layers 

Lesson 7: Extending the Timeline with frames

Lesson 8: Using keyframes

Lesson 9: Previewing your animation

Lesson 10: Sharing your animation

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