Animating Original Content

Hopefully you completed the tutorials in the last chapter. If not, go back and do that now! Now you’ll get into designing your content for your animation.  This time, I want you to create a scene using the tools mentioned in the tutorials and hand it in. I don’t want to see anything using the sample files, I want you to create something on your own!

In order to access these tutorials, you will need a Winnipeg Public Library membership number. If you don’t yet have a Winnipeg Public Library Card, go HERE: Library Membership sign up

You’ll need that card number again, so copy and paste it into a Word document or an email to yourself or whatever! Don’t lose it!

Once you do have a card, sign in HERE: LinkedIn Learning

Then you can click on the links below to view the videos.

Creating a document for animation

Drawing with shapes

Managing color

Drawing with the Pen tool

Manipulating paths

Drawing with the Fluid brush

Drawing with vector art brushes

Frame-by-frame animation

Animating with shape tweens

Using onion skinning

Masking your content

Once you’ve completed those, you will know how to create a detailed scene and do some basic animation. Use those skills to come up with your own scene to hand in. The more work you put into it, the better your mark will be.


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