Exploring Great Photos

Today I would like you to go on Flickr and explore photos. Explain what you like about 3. Not the content (yeah, that flower is beautiful) but what did the photographer do to make that photo amazing?


Below this post you should post a comment where you provide a link to the photos you choose and then EXPLAIN what you like about the photo – what did the photographer have to do or think about in order to make that photo so great?

Now go take at least 3 of your own. Even if yours didn’t turn out as amazing, what were you thinking/doing to try and make yours great? (Keep in mind that a lot of your photos are not going to turn out to be as beautiful as you’d like, so TAKE EXTRAS!)


10 thoughts on “Exploring Great Photos

  1. Kale

    1. https://c3.staticflickr.com/7/6225/6235851337_6bd6ec1838_b.jpg
    I decided to chose this photo because of the way they blurred the background, and tilted the camera so that the apple looks like it’s going to slide.

    2. https://www.flickr.com/photos/cookiesound/14455719632/in/photostream/
    I chose this photo because I like the way that the cars look, the speed of them seeming like glistening lights on the road, and the brilliant focus of the building.

    3. https://www.flickr.com/photos/childishtoy/7943909344/
    I like this photo because of the way the light shines through the vase, and how the background is blurred. The lighting of this photo is perfect because it shines on the flower, and gives the photo a beautiful vibe.

  2. cj anciro

    1. https://www.flickr.com/photos/cloughridge/8005296307/ : I chose this picture because it has really good lighting and it is a very high quality picture which makes the picture a great photo.

    2. https://www.flickr.com/photos/hipydeus/6825373051/ : I chose this picture because it shows a lot of detailed parts of the view. This picture had good lighting which makes the photo amazing. I like how most of the brightness of the picture comes from the right side of the picture.

    3. https://www.flickr.com/photos/mightyhorse/5873379370/ : I chose this photo because this picture has amazing lighting and shows detailed parts of the flowers. I like how they made the background have a blur and focused more on the flowers on the front. This picture is straight up amazing.

    1. misterjr Post author

      Good thoughts, but you were also supposed to tell me what you think the photographer considered or did to make the photo great. You kind of did that for the third one, but I’d like to hear more thoughts about it and the others.

  3. madi

    i like this photo because its in focus, it shows in the olden days how people use to sit on these wooden boards and enjoy there solitude. it defines aloneness

  4. Vivian


    Its colourful
    The background is burred
    Can see the fur on the Monarch Butterfly
    Clear shot


    Almost glowing gold
    Can see almost all details of the leaf
    See the fuzz on the branch


    Can see the jet clearly
    Can see the people that are flying the jet clearly
    Great angle
    All the details of the 91-0314 Lakenheath is great ex. the missiles and a bit of the engine

  5. SantosJ


    I think the photographer thought really hard on how he or she was going to get a good picture of this because he or she got a good angle of it as you can really see the exquisite details of the butterfly. Furthermore, it really brings your eyes to the butterfly right away as it was only and really focused on the butterfly and the flowers that it was on so the photographer really captured the nature and beauty of butterflies.



    The photographer really thought of a good spot to take a picture of this mountain as you can see the whole reflection of it on the waterbody below. If he or she hadn’t thought about his or her location, he or she would have not gotten the reflection of it or even a good angle of it.


    The photographer took the time to wait for a perfect timing for the bird to do anything that would make a good image. If the photographer had not taken his or her time, he or she wouldn’t have gotten a picture of the bird with a cherry on its mouth.


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