Catch Up/Get Ready

Today I would like you to make sure that you’ve completed and dropped off all of your previous assignments! Remember, you should have completed your PowToon, a splitter, a station ID (call letters and location included) and a show introduction, as well as a 1 hour radio broadcast.

Please check your PowerSchool account to see what’s missing. For many of you, there are a lot of things. Those might have been completed but not dropped off properly, or they need to be completed ASAP. Nobody has handed in all of those things yet! There are still 2 people who I don’t think have even set up the shared DropBox or Drive folder (ahem, Liam & Logan) so hopefully someone can help them with that today!

After that, I would like you to work on the show promo that we had discussed previously. I would LOVE it if you could help me out by creating a promo for one of my shows (Tell the Band to Go Home or Steel Belted Free Range Radio) which mentions my Pledge-O-Rama shows (Sunday, October 19 and Thursday October 23) where I will be having special guests, giving away prizes galore, and celebrating our great station and our valued supporters. That should also mention the amazing station incentives (view here) OR our kick off party, October 16 at The West End Cultural Centre.


Tomorrow we are planning to go visit the studios of TSN 1290, 99.9 BOB fm, and Virgin Radio 103.1. Please do a bit of research about the stations so you can ask informed questions while we are there. You will be asked to create a short news/documentary piece about our visit, so try to know as much as you can, and find out even more, when we visit! Use not only the links above, but all of them can be found on wikipedia and other online sources (including the history of broadcasting site we used in the beginning) so you should be able to get a good sense of the stations. Here are some things to consider:

  • What is each station’s format (music, talk, oldies, hits, etc.)?
  • Who are some of the main personalities on the station (the morning show hosts are usually the most ‘famous’ and important)?
  • How long has each station been on the air? Radio stations change names/formats a lot, so what else have these stations been known as?
  • Look for big contests & promotions for each station
  • Look for celebrity endorsements, famous affiliations, etc.
  • What do the stations do to try and gain/encourage new listeners? Do they do anything to try and keep listeners (loyalty programs, etc.)
  • Any other information you think might be interesting/relevant!

This isn’t a research paper, so you don’t have to write a formal piece, but know the information and be ready to use it in your recording later in the week.

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