Design Critique Assignment

I would like you to critique some designs. Designs are all around us, so it shouldn’t be hard to locate some to analyze. You can choose an item in the room or one online. You don’t want to spend all of your time searching for something, so here is a good source of lots of logos:

I’d like you to choose at least 3 to comment on. You need to provide some detail, not just say “it looks cool.” What looks “cool” about it? What parts are appealing, interesting? USE COMPLETE SENTENCES. This isn’t a writing class, but writing things clearly will really help your explanation (and your mark.)

1 should be a logo that you like. Tell me why you think it is effective/appealing.

1 should be a logo that you don’t like. Tell me why you think it’s NOT effective/appealing.

1 can be one of the above, or just one that you’re not sure about. Sometimes you can’t really make up your mind – it looks good, but something doesn’t quite work as well as it should have.

I need a link to the design you chose (unless it’s something in the room, in which case just make sure that I know what/where it is.)

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