Logos gone wrong!

One of the most common things that graphic designers do is to design logos. They create a representation of the company/product/service/idea and use it to draw attention to it. The logo should be simple and effective – these things are generally glanced at or placed on a product or somewhere on a poster, etc.

You surely recognize a lot of common logos. Most of those work well. Here’s a quick quiz you can try to see how many Canadian brands you can name.

But sometimes the design goes wrong. Very wrong. Here are some samples of logos that don’t exactly work as they’re intended to.

There’s an entire blog devoted to terrible logos, called, wait for it, Your Logo Makes Me Barf!

Unsafe Design

WHAT IS THAT? I stared at it for a while and all I get is a cow’s head in profile. I’m guessing that breath is NASTY.

An inflatible life ring and a running shower. At least, I think that what those two items are supposed to be. I do know that I’ll probably go elsewhere.

Before we saw this logo, we weren’t really sure where to CONNECT with our freaky dog-octopus, half-a-cat, bottomless fish, human-horse, or whatever that thing in the middle (that kind of looks like a butt) is. Now we know that when we need to connect with the heart and soul of our mutant pets, we should definitely give Angie a call.


Dodge Viper Logo: Daffy Duck

The Texas Longhorns

Sat An


While all this might look like a joke, it gets even funnier when you look at the Pepsi Max logo.

Computer Doctors

TGV Logo: Snail

Flip it upside down and you’ll get a snail. By the way, TGV is France’s high-speed rail service, and “TGV” is an abbreviation for “Train à Grande Vitesse”, meaning high-speed train in French.

Zune Logo Backwards

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