Classroom Seating Psychology

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Please write your answers either electronically (Word or Google document) or on paper. If you choose to submit work electronically, you NEED TO SET UP A SHARED FOLDER and place your files in that folder. Emailed work will be ignored! If you choose to write on paper, please write NEATLY and clearly.

This isn’t English class, so complete sentences aren’t required, but are STRONGLY RECOMMENDED. The longer/clearer your answer, the better your mark.

From article #1:

  • Where did you sit in the classroom today and why?
  • What does this say about you according to this article?
  • Do you agree with what this article is implying about you (or the people in this class in general)?
  • Will you sit in the same seat tomorrow? Why or why not?

From article #2:

  1. What is your “default” pattern of behaviour when it comes to arriving to a new space, alone? Does this change if you are with a friend?
  2. Where do you sit in a movie theatre when you have the choice of any seat in the house? Why?
  3. Does your choice of seat change if you were to arrive at the theatre when the lights are off and the movie has started? Why or why not?
  4. Do most classrooms allow you “a sense of control over your close environment?” Explain your answer.
  5. If your answer to #4 is no, what can be done to change this? If your answer is yes, provide a suggestion that could improve the standard classroom environment.

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