Basic Composition

We’ve done a few things lately that were supposed to get you thinking about your shots and making sure that they look as good as possible. Hopefully you’ll keep all of those things in mind always from now on (be aware of light, focus is key, get close up for effect, etc.) Today I want to add in a few more considerations.

Watch this video from our pal Jared at FroKnowsPhoto. (If you follow the link, you will find more information.)

In the video Fro uses a Kermit the Frog statue to demonstrate how to make a simple photo better. This is what I want you to do.

Find an item that you can photograph (NOT a person, an ITEM.) If you need something to use, there is a box under my desk. If you need to, you can choose an item (without fighting.) THAT ITEM MUST GO BACK INTO THE BOX WHEN YOU ARE DONE!

Take your item and find a suitable location to set it up in and take a bunch of pictures. Finding an interesting background will help your picture to be more interesting. Be creative! Go in or around the school, but USE YOUR TIME WISELY. You need to hand these images in TODAY.

Play around a bit with your item, like Jared did. Take some creative, interesting photos. He took some that weren’t good, to compare with the ones that were good. You could consider doing the same. You never know what might end up being more appealing if you don’t try different things.

When you have your photos, you need to hand them in via Drive/DropBox and/or post to Flickr. You need to write a brief explanation of what you were thinking/doing to make each photo more interesting. Flickr would be a good way to post the photo and write something as a comment, but you could drop them off, change the file names, and include a document with your writeup.

This is another important assignment, which should be FUN, and will either really help or hurt your mark.

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