April Raintree Expository Essay

Upon completion of reading the entire novel, April Raintree by Beatrice Culleton, you are now asked to write a 5 paragraph expository essay explaining how a key theme is used in the novel. You need to include quotes & page numbers from the book to prove your points.

In the Foreward to April Raintree, Joyce Carlson writes, “The Theme of APRIL RAINTREE, simply stated, is a young woman’s search for her identity.” She goes on to say that, “A strong sense of self-identity is a prerequisite to self-determination.” Starting with her birth as a Metis person and the family that she was born into, and events that occur throughout the book, April’s sense of her identity is shaped by various factors. In a 5-paragraph essay, explain 3 major factors that impact how she sees herself and lives her life by the end of the book. Your events must include an early influence and a later in life influence.

Your first step is to come up with a clear, concise, arguable thesis.

For some advice on creating a good thesis, read this document: thesis_statements (source)

Your essay should follow a very specific format:

Paragraph 1:

  • (1 sentence) Attention Getter/Thought Starter (vague/general statement designed to get people interested in your topic. Often a question.)
  • 2-4 sentences minimum) Slowly work toward your specific point
  • (1 sentence) Thesis – the point of your essay. In this case, NOT in the first person (No “I”). Arguable. Specific. Shows how you will prove your point. ONE sentence long. The entire point/summary of your essay is in this one sentence.

Paragraph 2, 3, 4:

  • (1 sentence) Introduce paragraph topic (topic is one main bit of evidence that proves your thesis)
  • 2-4 sentences minimum) Proof/examples/support
  • (1 sentence) Show how this paragraph proves your thesis.

Paragraph 5:

  • (1 sentence) Show how your 3 paragraph points prove your thesis
  • 2-4 sentences – explain & lead off for further thought

You will be marked with rubrics like those used to assess the essay portion of your final exam. You should look those over here: ExamEssayRubrics

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