Photo Art

By now you should be a total pro at shooting great photos. Last time we worked on editing photos, converting them, and saving/dropping off properly. Remember that you were expected to drop off AT LEAST three photos. If you haven’t completed that assignment, please visit this link and do so ASAP.

From there we will work on adding to photos and creating original documents in Photoshop. We are working toward designing the covers for our yearbook, as well as creating a variety of promotional items and other documents.

First up, try this tutorial. It will help you to take a photo and add text and artwork to it. You can follow along with the example in the video by downloading THESE FILES. You will not drop off that sample, though, you will apply these techniques to one of your photos.

This is a great opportunity to create a really beautiful Christmas/New Year/Birthday card/whatever. Think about how happy someone in your family would be if you created something especially for them? Brownie points galore!

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