Applied Information and Communication Technology 15

This course acts as a stepping-stone to the more advanced courses in later grades. Students will experiment with various communication technologies. This is a survey course, looking at a wide range of technology skills and knowledge. We will touch on various applications and projects, and throughout, apply good digital citizenship and awareness of issues that arise online.

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The Noun Project (download vector or transparent icons – you need an account!

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After you have completed a project, I would like you to take some time and reflect on your work and what you’ve learned. When you post your work on your web page, please answer the following questions for each project. Put some THOUGHT into these! While this isn’t a writing class, you should be writing MULTIPLE sentences for each question!

1) IN DETAIL, DESCRIBE your work. What were you supposed to do? What were you supposed to include? What was your task? You are explaining your work to someone (eg: your parents) who has NO idea what you were supposed to do – so EXPLAIN!!

2) IN DETAIL, tell me what you learned (or had to figure out) through this assignment. What did you struggle with? What challenges did you face? What new tools & tricks did you pick up along the way?

3) IN DETAIL, tell me what you like about your work. What are you proud of? What did you learn? What makes you happiest about your work? (do not say that you are happy that it’s done. Do not say that you don’t like anything about your work. Do not simply say that you like that it’s colourful.) Tell me why you think you did a good job.

4) IN DETAIL, tell me what you think you could have done better. If you had to do this all over again, what would you change? Looking at the work of other students, what do you wish that you had done/learned/shown? Again, do NOT say that there’s nothing that could be done better!


Typing Club (login with your school username/password) – Practice at least 30 minutes/week (ongoing)

Outlook Email part 1 – initial message / part 2 – trimmed reply

Microsoft Word Skills

Microsoft Word Trading Card

Edublogs Web Site part 1 / part 2 (Pages) / part 3 (Posts)

PowerPoint Slide Show

Excel Calendar part 1 / part 2 / part 3 / part 4

Excel Formulas tutorial

Excel Formulas assignment / part 2

If I Had a Million Dollars spreadsheet

Coding Unit (ongoing)

Internet Hoaxes and Fakes

What Is AI?

Generative AI Creative Challenge 1

AI Creative Challenge 2: Snow Globe

AI Creative Challenge 3: Animated Audio

OPTIONAL: Engraving

3D Modelling: Tutorial / Hand in 1 model and add to website

Choice Project


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