Additional Animation Concepts

In order to access these tutorials, you will need a Winnipeg Public Library membership number. If you don’t yet have a Winnipeg Public Library Card, go HERE: Library Membership sign up

You’ll need that card number again, so copy and paste it into a Word document or an email to yourself or whatever! Don’t lose it!

Once you do have a card, sign in HERE: LinkedIn Learning

Then you can click on the links below to view the videos.

This chapter gets into the really fun stuff! You’ll actually create your first animation project after watching these:

Generating static text

Animating with classic tweens

Designing nested animation

Controlling graphic symbols

Using movie clip symbols

Animating with motion tweens

Animating with the camera

Creative assignment1: Create an animated greeting card. Make a Christmas card, birthday card, or whatever occasion you want! Just like a card, it should have different pages/scenes and lots of motion and text!

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