5000 “Words” Photo Presentation

They say a photograph is worth 1000 words. I want 5000 words about you!

A photograph should tell a story. If I see photographs of important people, places, and events in your life, they should give me a lot of information about you. I should be able to learn a lot about you by seeing some important photos about your life.

Here’s my example

In class, I had students guess what the story is in each picture by looking at the people and objects in the photos, where it looks like they are, what’s around, what expressions people have on their faces, and anything else you can notice.

You have two choices. Either show these to me and/or the class directly so that we can talk about them and ask questions OR show me the picture, then on a separate page/slide, explain the photo. I want to guess and figure it out, then see your explanation to see how close I am.

You can put this together however you like. PowerPoint or InDesign make sense to me, but you could use Word or make a video with the photos and your explanations or just come in at lunch and show me your photos. Hand your project into your hand in folder that you created and shared with me.

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