Animated Greeting Card

In a new Animate file, create an animated greeting card. Your card must be for a special occasion that would merit a greeting card. This can be a well-known holiday like Halloween or Christmas, or you can find obscure holidays (There are many online, here’s one list.) You can even make up your own holiday (Happy Buy Mr. Robson Lunch Day!) You could involve several symbols of that particular holiday (i.e. Christmas might use, elves, trees, snowmen, stockings, etc).

Although creative control is yours, you must do the following things to receive proper marks.
– The animation must be at least 250 frames (10 seconds) in duration
– Most objects/symbols in your animation must be drawn by you. You may choose to import a picture to your library to trace it in Flash or could choose to import a vector graphic if necessary, but the bulk of the scene/story will be created by you.
– You must use a variety of tweens so that different items move on screen.
– You must add text to help convey your message. Yes, there is a text tool in Animate…
– You must use layers properly (one object or background per layer, name your layers)
– Use a screen size of 800 (w) x 600 (h) and a framerate or 25 fps
– Remember to be creative and original.

For a challenge, consider adding music or sound effects! We’ll get into that more in our next assignment, but if you want to figure it out in advance, go for it!

Save your flash file as greetingcard.fla and be sure to test movie when finished to make sure that it’s smooth and interesting.

You can see examples from previous years here: (scroll down) (scroll past the stories. Sorry about the annoying music.)

Samples from this year:


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