Graphics, Movie Clips, and Tweens, Oh My!

Your next animation project (after you dropped off a sample of your mad skills with the drawing tools and a first basic animation… you did those, right?) is to use a few key skills together to form one short animated video.

You will use GRAPHIC SYMBOLS to create a character/object that will move across the screen.

That graphic symbol will have a part of it (like wheels or legs) that will be a MOVIE CLIP symbol, which will have its own timeline, making it move independently of the main character/object.

You will include MOTION TWEEN(s) to make the character/object move across the screen. Duh!

You will also, somewhere, include at least one SHAPE TWEEN. A simple example might be clouds that change shape as the scene progresses.

The animation should be long enough to follow the scene (~10 seconds minimum?) and it should be fast and smooth enough to look ‘realistic’

Use those DRAWING tools to really illustrate your scene and make it interesting.

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