Your very own music show!

It’s time for you to spin some tunes and tell the world about the music you love!

You will record and piece together a 1 hour radio broadcast, featuring music of your choice. For now, you can choose whether this episode will “air” on Jimmie Jam Radio or not, so there aren’t that many restrictions.

You must:

  • Have a show title and an introduction.
  • Record and insert a legal station ID. (call letters and location included)
  • Talk after every 3-5 songs. If you play more, you must insert a splitter.
  • Give some information about the songs you are playing. At the very least, you need to know the artist, song title, and album. It helps to know more (although you don’t want to talk too much about every song.)
  • Come up with some connecting ‘sets.’ Music should be arranged according to a theme or idea. For example, I like to do a set of ‘new’ music at the beginning, and do a lot of sets where I play artists who are performing in Winnipeg soon. You could go with a theme or idea, but there should be some sort of connection or comfortable flow between songs in a ‘set.’
  • Keep a list of the songs, artists, and albums you play.

Music should be legally acquired! You have permission to use the CDs I have and my iTunes library (which is music that was paid for!)  You may also use Creative Commons music, which is free and legal to use. Here are some sources:

Recording your voice parts will be easiest if you can record a few at a time. PLAN out your show BEFORE you record! (find music, time it out, figure out the sets, etc.)

Put your show together in Adobe Audition. I would like to see your multitrack session file (we will go over how to do this)

This should be fun! If it’s not, you’re doing it WRONG!

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