Yearbook content?

Believe it or not, the year is quickly coming to a close and we need to start making some important decisions about YOUR yearbook. Obviously all of the amazing pictures that you’ve been taking all year will fill up most of the book (right? You have taken pictures, right? Um…) IF for some reason we’re short on pictures (ahem), we need to add in some fun elements to fill up some space. These are fun reminders of the year as well.

To get ideas, take a look at some previous SJC yearbooks AND some of the ones from others schools that are at the back of the room. If you see something clever and interesting, we can add it in, even if we’ve never done it before. New ideas and elements are always welcome!

  1. Grad baby pictures? This is kind of a tradition, but you get to help decide whether it continues. If it does, we need some help getting graduates to bring in a baby picture, then we need help scanning and organising them.
  2. Grad survey? We often include things like favourite quotes and memories for grads. Here’s a sample of a previous survey. Do we want to include this? What changes would you make?
  3. We have in the past considered a survey for other grades as well. Our biggest problem was getting enough people to answer. If you have a meaningful survey and want to devote space to it and CAN HELP GET PEOPLE TO ANSWER, we can do this. Here’s a sample of a previous one. Personally, I don’t love some of those questions so I’d change them. Would you? To what?

Let’s discuss and come up with some ideas and elements to include!

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