What’s Next?

You’ve got some experience writing HTML and Javascript, as well as creating interactive content, but how do you put it all together?

Well, there are a number of applications that you’d likely use when putting together a website in the future. It is VERY important that you know how to write and edit HTML code, but there are some programs that will help you write and fix it. You should now have a look at those.

Here, our pal Paul Trani will guide you through the different options and best uses.

Basically you have two main options at this point for how to put together a complete site:

Adobe Muse (more basic, less code, easier but not as powerful)

Adobe DreamWeaver (what the professionals use. Much more powerful. Still easy but you can do more with the code and therefore have more options and abilities.) (You could also try this tutorial OR this one)

Go on and learn one of them! Load your site pages into there and use the program to improve it! Add in your interactive elements from Edge Animate!

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