What makes a “Good” website?

Your job is to take a close look at a couple of websites to decide whether they are useful and appealing or not. You have to think about the goal of the site – is it supposed to be informative? Entertaining? Engaging? Silly? and then decide whether the site you chose did a good job of that purpose or not.

You need to choose two sites – one good and one bad – and explain why the good one does a good job of its goal and why the bad one doesn’t.

Here is what we’ve come up with so far.

Once we have some criteria to work with, your job will be to take some of that advice to heart and build a website that is definitely “good!”

We’ll start simple with a site that you do not have to code and work on just making it look good and work well.

Set up an account/site on wordpress.com

Your site will focus on two main areas:

The History of The Internet

How the Internet Works

Internet history links: (feel free to check out your own sources, but MAKE SURE THAT THEY ARE ACCURATE!)

How the Internet Works:
You must include: client, server, TCP/IP, routers, IP address, & DNS Server

Internet Exchange Map: http://www.internetexchangemap.com/

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