Westwood Welcome Sticker!

Here’s your chance to design a semi-permanent part of Westwood Collegiate!

If you ever walk through our front doors, when you walked past this:

I hope you missed this:

Some jerk carved something into the metal. It’s nothing offensive, just annoying and stupid. It bugs us. We need to cover it up.

The panel is 23 inches wide, 10 inches tall.

We need a creative, interesting sticker that we can put in that spot. That’s where you come in!

How would you welcome people into our school? What kinds of words and images would you want there? Is there a quote or message that would fit? The obvious answer would be to put a Westwood logo there or something, but there’s already one on the window right above!

I DON’T KNOW! But hopefully you do!

Use Illustrator to design a sticker that could be cut out and put in that spot! You should probably use our school colours somewhere on there. They are:

Maroon : 9f1c36
Grey : 939598

I asked previous grade 10s, 11s, and 12s to come up with something.

One of them clearly isn’t the right colour:

The other is nice, and the right colour, but not all that interesting:

This one, I like A LOT:

Here’s your chance to prove that you’re more creative the last crop of students who have attempted this! Come up with something that we could use in the front of the school. Remember that it has to look somewhat classy and intelligent. Our whole community can see this. Our administrators have to like it in order for us to put it up.

Come up with a design and your creativity could literally be part of the school for years to come!

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