The Power of the Photographer

Photography allows you, the photographer, to tell a story and shape how people experience an image. The choices you make help to tell a story, and that story can change depending on how you look at a person or place.

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I want you to tell a story with photographs and be prepared to explain the choices that you made. Choose a person that you know and pose that person in a way that really reflects his/her personality. Find a backdrop or location that fits the person, and then decide how that person should look so that you can get his/her true personality across through just a photo.

Consider things like:

  • Should the person stand or sit? Standing tends to look more formal, while sitting tends to be more relaxed.
  • Should the person’s arms be crossed (strong and closed) or should they be loose at their sides (more open and informal)
  • Should the person be smiling? Laughing? Looking directly at the camera? Waving? Pointing? Holding something?

Take 1 photo of a person that truly reflects his/her personality, and one OPPOSITE photo that makes him/her seem like someone else.

You, the photographer, are making conscious choices about how to tell this person’s story. You will need to show your photo to the class and we will need to come up with descriptors and see how well you got your story across. You can do this at school today or at home on the weekend, but we will discuss these on Tuesday, so be ready.

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