Fancy ceiling!

This building was finally opened in 2011. Approximately 3.7 million people visit this building each year, way more than the entire population of Winnipeg or even Manitoba!

It is named after a federal politician / cabinet minister who served under our current Prime Minister’s father. Interestingly, he quit that Prime Minister’s cabinet when the government tried to make Canada an officially bilingual country. Wait, isn’t our city bilingual? Should we be naming a building after this guy? I guess I need to know more. Care to explain?

2 thoughts on “Stop#1

  1. Noah D.M.

    I believe that you are at the Toronto Pearson International Airport. You mentioned
    Justin Trudeau’s father, Pierre Trudeau. I searched ‘pierre trudeau cabinet ministers’ and found this article: . It mentioned a retired cabinet minister named Lester B. Pearson. when I typed his name in Google, the airport showed up.

    1. misterjr Post author

      Close, but Pearson was Prime Minister right before Trudeau so not quite right. You followed the directions well and provided great info though!


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