Stop #3


I ate this glorious mess at a place called Waffle House. It is a plate of hash browns smothered in just about every topping they have, including tomatoes, jalapeños, cheese, chili, that amazing white sausage gravy and more. It was so good that I can’t even pretend to feel bad about eating it.

This was consumed just outside of city #3. I was shocked to learn that this city’s airport is considered the busiest in the world! It seemed so odd to me. The airport is also the home of Delta Airlines, which is the oldest operating airline in the U.S. as well as the largest in terms of # of passengers carried.

This city is a state capital. It’s baseball players are not cowards – quite the opposite actually. During America’s Civil War, the city was burned to the ground in 1864. Only hospitals and churches were spared. The next year the war ended and rebuilding began.

Where am I?

Remember to write in complete sentences and provide one other interesting fact as well as a link to the site where you got your information. Nobody quite got stop 1 or 2 entirely correct, so those are available to be won as well!

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