Song Sleuths

By now you’ve read through a lot of song lyrics and have looked at examples of figurative language in them. Those were songs that I found and gave you the lyrics for. Now, it’s your turn to show me some songs!

You’ll have to find AT LEAST 4 songs (could be more)
You’ll have to find AT LEAST 1 example EACH (probably more) of a simile, metaphor, personification, hyperbole

You’ll have to include the full lyrics for the song. Don’t miss anything in the songs! You’ll lose marks if ANY examples aren’t pointed out in your lyrics. But you’ll also lose marks if you misidentify things, so example those lyrics carefully!

All song lyrics must be copied and pasted into a Word document (I’ll show you the best way to do that) and you need to clearly show where the figurative language is in the song.

Don’t use sketchy lyrics sites! Just type “lyrics” then the name of the song and possibly the artist into Google and you should get everything you need. If not… maybe you want to pick another song.

All song lyrics must be school appropriate!

Some songwriters are a lot more poetic than others! I’d say that most songwriters will have examples of most of these somewhere in their songs, but they might be hard to find. Choose your songs/artists wisely!

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