SJASD Board Office Mural

We have been approached by our division arts coordinator to submit a design for a very exciting project – a large scale banner that would be hung on the school division office at Portage & Moray. Your art could be hanging in a very public, very large way and represent our community to anyone who passes by!

Here’s the idea that we’ve been given:

My hope is that students will each take a St. James landmark/monument and transform it into a symbol of inclusion. For instance, a group takes Grant’s Old Mill and turns the water wheel into a Sacred Circle and the water flowing over and past the mill is made orange. Maybe another group takes an airplane and covers it with the inclusion flag. I am hoping that students will come up with ideas of how to change images that people associate with St. James and transform it to look more indicative of our changing community to show that we are diverse and that we embrace people of all cultures and walks of life.

Your job would be to think of St. James landmarks or community icons or things that represent this community and turn them into something inclusive and welcoming.

Because the finished product will be so large, you would need to create vector artwork using Illustrator! Actual photographs won’t work here, but you’d likely need to create art based on actual photos/locations.

You would need to incorporate the school division logo and possibly the colours that it uses. You can find logos HERE.

I don’t have any other specific information yet about the actual size or requirements of the finished artwork or a due date yet, but will update once I find out.

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