In addition to YouTube and GMail, a Google account gets you some pretty nifty extras. Today we’ll look at one of those by starting to use a service called Google Drawings.

This will be easiest if you already have your own Google account, but you DO NOT NEED ONE. Do not create one if you don’t have one already. If you don’t have a Google account or don’t want to use yours or can’t log in for whatever reason, ask Mr. Robson to help you get started!

Click here to see the Shapegrams available

NOTE: Only the first 3 are free, so those are the only ones we can use!

OR click on your choice below. You will be drawing one of the pictures below, so pick whichever one looks most interesting to you. The house is probably easiest, and the ice cream cone is probably the most difficult.

Again, you will need a Google account OR a link from me to get started

When you get to the page for the picture you’ve chosen, you need to click on the Make a Copy button

You’ll have to click another Make a copy button after that

Each one has instructions in a YouTube video and there are some written on the sides of the page. Your job is to recreate the shapegram on your own.

Have fun with it!

If you have a Google account (or get a link from Mr. Robson), you can create your own Google Drawing after that! Just visit

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