Psychology (2018)

Psychology is the scientific study of behaviour and mental processes. It uses the scientific method to discover ways of understanding the complexities of human thought and behavior, as well as differences among people. Studying psychology gives students lifelong skills such as dealing with issues proactively, solving problems, learning, and nurturing healthy relationships. It helps students understand themselves and deal with issues in their own lives such as inner conflicts, relationships with parents and peers, and intimacy. It also helps students understand societal problems like addiction, violence, and prejudice. This course exposes students to the major topics found in the field of psychology. It also emphasizes the issues that are of particular direct interest and relevance to students completing high school. Students explore the scientific methods upon which psychology is based. They can then apply what they learned to their daily lives.

Course outline: PY40_outline

Course Assessment:

Course work (assignments, quizzes, & tests): 75%
Final Exam: 25%


Classroom Seating Psychology (2 parts)

Beware the Slenderman reflection

Colour Psychology


Milgram Experiment (Part B: Personal Reflections)

Stanford Prison Reflection

Unit 1 test

Your Brain While Driving

Brain Internet Activity

Consumer Psychology project

Emotions Assignment

Unit 2 test


Nature vs. Nurture

Personality Tests

Piaget toy project

Erikson Assignment

Classical vs. Operant Conditioning Quiz

Learning Quiz

XS Stress

Mental Illness PSA