Practice Essay – School Dress Codes

Watch the CBC news story here (and read the text, which is DIFFERENT):

Together we discussed the issue and worked on some ideas that would help us to form an essay about this topic. Much of the planning & preparation has been done for you. Now it’s your job to finish the job!



You may take ideas from the planning documents and expand on them or add them to your argument.

The introductory paragraph is done and included on the boys’ document. You may use it or change it as you wish.

From there, you need to fill in the 3 body paragraphs that help prove your point about school dress codes. Each body paragraph starts with a topic sentence. Again, there are some provided that you are free to use. Following those, there should be at least 3-4 good sentences explaining/proving that topic sentence. Make sure that they help prove your point and make sure that they are on topic (about school dress codes and about the first sentence.) At the end, you should make some sort of point about dress codes that sums up your argument and shows how your evidence helps prove the point.

The fifth and final paragraph is where you show how you’ve proven your point. The first sentence is a REPHRASED version of your thesis. It’s often something like, “As you can see, point A, point B, and point C help to prove (your opinion on the subject). Then there are 3-4 more general statements that lead us off to other areas that we could consider or explore.

Your whole thing is 5 paragraphs and AT LEAST 25 sentences. Once it’s done, you should hand it in, and you should be prepared to complete the IMPORTANT Of Mice & Men essay!

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