PowerPoint Slideshow

Here’s your chance to show me your PowerPoint skills! PowerPoint is one of the most popular programs in the world because it’s so quick and easy to create impressive looking presentations without a lot of training or experience.

Here’s your chance to show me what you already know or what you can figure out on your own.

Make me a PowerPoint slideshow about a topic that you are interested in and know a lot about. If you’re a fan of hockey or dogs or Pokemon or Crypto Currency, teach me something by putting together a PowerPoint slideshow with some impressive images and information!

This one is for fun and to show me what you already know, as well as to let me know more about yourself. If you haven’t used the program a lot before, don’t worry, see what you can figure out and come up with something that looks good to you.

We’ll create a more detailed presentation together in class, where I’ll show you a few things that you probably didn’t know that PowerPoint could even do. For now, let’s see what you know, can figure out, and are interested in!

Important steps:

  1. Open the program

2. Make sure you are saving your file in OneDrive

3. Have fun!


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