Photoshop Editing/Retouching 1

We will be going through a number of different tools & techniques in Photoshop that can make your photos really stand out and look amazing.

Most of the tutorials I’m going to show you are available through LinkedInLearning, which you can access through the Winnipeg Public Library: LinkedIn Learning (tutorials) / Library Membersip sign up

Please don’t hand in every tutorial separately! I will tell you when to collect your examples together and hand a bunch in as part of a document, slideshow, or folder. I will provide the files used in the tutorial, but I always want you applying the techniques to one of your own photos!

  1. Using adjustment layers to change color and tone (files HERE)
  2. Using adjustment layers in a multi-image composite (files HERE)

  3. Using Smart Objects instead of adjustment layers (files HERE)

Use those techniques on your own photos. Put them together in a document or slideshow with a little reflection explaining the technique and what they could be useful for in your editing/retouching work and hand that in.

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