Personal Introduction (with a twist!)

I really want to know more about you, because it will help me to understand you and help you a lot better. I want you to tell me your life story in brief, but let’s do it in a fun, creative way.

I’m kind of morbid and twisted, so I like to read obituary notices, but I hate the usual sad, glowing descriptions of people. I hope that some day someone writes one about me that’s HILARIOUS! Make fun of me all you want when I’m dead, because I’ll never know! (However, if you do make fun of me afterward, don’t be surprised if your house ends up haunted and your toothbrush ends up in the toilet. Then put back where you usually leave it so you don’t know the difference!)

I wrote my story as an obituary notice (RobsonObit.) Check it out and consider looking at your life from the vantage point of someone writing about you after you’re gone. What are the major events in your life? What did you accomplish? Who are the most significant people in your life, past and present? You can be creative and make up some details, but give me some truth in there as well. See if I can figure out which is which!

If you’re not as sick and twisted as me, GOOD FOR YOU! There are other ways to present this kind of information, but make sure that it has some accurate details and gives me a good sense of who you are and where you come from. As previously discussed, writing this out is not your only option, but it certainly is one option. No matter what you end up doing, you have to PLAN first, and you have to be creative and write well. You can do it.

Funny Obituaries:

Shannon Leonard Churchill

Mary Stocks

Walter D. Harris

Chris Connors

Robson’s Obituary

You could even turn this into a video about your life. You could present this as a news story about your death.


Or just a short biography about you:

Here’s how you’ll be marked: EN10_IntroductionRubric

If this doesn’t work for you, you may write a friendly letter. LetterofIntroduction_Instructions sample: LetterofIntroduction

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